October Update for the Syrian Family

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As we look to this Fall season we give thanks to God for the beautiful baby girl God has given to the Syrian family we are sponsoring. Mom and baby are both doing well. This has happened in the context of the father losing his job and losing their home.  This took place due to their unscrupulous employer removing them upon hearing of their refugee application to move to Canada.  So the Alliance church in their city have found them a one-bedroom temporary home, and are providing some basic work for the father to make a small living.  The church members are also supporting them with food and clothing. So there is much to pray about.

  • Thank God for the safe arrival of the new baby.
  • Pray for Mom and baby and their health.
  • Pray for the approval of the Canadian Government regarding their refugee application. It is taking longer than expected.
  • Pray for the spiritual life and growth of each of the 5 members of the family – father, mother and three children.
  • Pray for the TAC Settlement Team as they plan for the eventual arrival of the family upon their approval to come to Canada.
  • Pray regarding the family’s eventual need for suitable housing in Canada.  Once they are approved to immigrate to Canada, the Settlement Team will search for suitable 2-bedroom apartments near our church downtown Toronto.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.

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