The Worship of Advent – Mary’s Song

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1. Share a time when you felt great joy at Christmas. What brought about the joy? Why did this thing bring you joy? How did you respond to this joy?

2. Read Luke 1:46-56. What happens prior to this passage?

3.  Is Mary’s worship heartfelt or on the surface? How do you know? What does heartfelt worship look like? What role do we play in “producing” heartfelt worship?

4. How would you define worship? Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord”. What insight(s) do you gain from what worship is from this statement?

5. How does Mary describe God in her worship? Does anything that she says speak particularly to you today? What? Why? How does it speak into your life today?

6. Pastor Bill spoke about God being the God of great reversals. What does this mean? Does God bring about great reversals today?

7. Take some time to craft a short hymn/poem expressing your worship/thankfulness to God. Share your hymn or one or two aspects of your hymn with your group. Why are you magnifying God? For what are you thanking God? What has God done that needs to be returned to Him in praise?

8.       End your time together by having each person share:

i. What you must do in response to Sunday’s sermon.

ii.  Encouraging words for another member of your group – how they have blessed you or others over the past couple of weeks.

iii.One area of struggle in their Christian walk.

iv. One person that they would like to see come to faith/return to God. Pray for one another in light of these three items and any other concerns your group members might have.