Overall Vision

Toronto Alliance Church exists to develop a missional movement of hundreds of faith-filled people working together to rebuild passionate faith in God in unreached communities in Toronto and other urban centres in Canada and around the world.  As a community of faithful followers of Jesus Christ, it is our desire to be:

  • A Worshipping Community that is “becoming restored and made fully alive as we encounter Jesus, experience community and extend God’s love” (our Mission Statement)
  • A Missional Hub for partnered church planting in downtown Toronto
  • An Urban Ministry Catalyst for access to frontline work among the poor
  • A Training Centre for ministry workers of marketplace and urban outreach

The Re-build Centre

The Re-build Centre is a service of Toronto Alliance Church that provides regular training opportunities for people desiring assistance with their spiritual and ministry formation, placing them into an environment in which to learn how to love, serve, witness to others about being transformed through the power of the Gospel.


Mission and Objectives


The mandate of The Re-build Centre is to help Christian leaders encounter Jesus, learn to integrate His life into their work activities, and learn to extend His love in a way that brings the spiritual transformation of those they serve. The main objectives of The Re-build Centre are:

  • To encourage leaders’ relationships with Christ – to become characterized by spiritual intimacy, emotional strength, and the ability to hear God’s voice in their lives and leadership
  • To equip church-based and marketplace-based leaders – to develop ministry competencies, to understand the Lord’s purpose and calling, to find freedom from the things that hold them back, and to reach the unreached for Christ

In summary, the mission of The Re-build Centre is to encourage the spiritual and ministry formation of those God is calling into ministry among the unreached.

Location and History


Toronto Alliance Church in the downtown Queen West is the base of our ministry and outreach focus and has shaped a frontline outreach culture like few others. The development of missions and evangelistic workers has become the natural result of Toronto Alliance Church’s culture. For example, over the previous years, a cross section of interns, students and ministry workers have been developed through the mentoring of our ministry leaders.  These interns have been individuals preparing for missions roles in Asia and Latin America, Bible college students preparing for urban ministry around the world, youth workers, children’s outreach workers, and church planters to Hungary and Central Asia.

The church has also developed valuable partnerships with 25+ churches over the years, all partnered in ministry among urban dwellers.  The church has also hosted 100s of young people, countless youth groups and their leaders on weekend “Urban Plunges”, and other ministry experiences to provide an environment for short-term outreach and a taste of inner city ministry.  Consequently, the neighboring communities, the culture and ethos, and the mission of Toronto Alliance Church all make it an ideal environment for a ministry training centre.




In order to deliver the learning and equipping needed to establish a multi-layered vision of multiple ministry launches and church planting in downtown Toronto and beyond, the following services are provided by The Re-build Centre that will facilitate for the development of ministry leaders:


Service Deliverable Value Add
Internships Ministry experience and supervised learning Personal spiritual and ministry skills formation
Mentor-Coaching Reflection, self-awareness, accountability Excellent decisions, personal growth
Facilitated Learning
Principles and practices Church-based, and peer-to-peer learning
Ministry Consulting Counsel, design, strategy, plans, delivery Excellent planning, strategies
Venture Hub Ministry and workspace hub for collaboration among like-minded people Incubation of new ministry ventures


Internship Program


The Re-build Centre Internship Program is designed to give participants ministry experience, while providing mentor-coaching and training from key Toronto Alliance Church ministry leaders and other urban ministry specialists. To provide a learning environment for those engaged in formal studies, or in fulfillment of requirements of a ministry placement, or for personal development, the following internships are provided along with a mentor-coach and internship coordinator. For a fuller description, Click Here.

Track Focus Duration Description Mentor-Coach Next Dates
Youth or Children’s
Ministry Track
Children from families living in urban settings 11 mos
A ministry learning placement to develop effective outreach and discipleship methods to youth or children in an urban church context, with outreach in multi-faith, intercultural settings Leslie Shillinglaw Oct 2018
Compassionate Ministry Track
Street-involved community, addicts, and First Nations people, etc. 11 mos A ministry learning placement for those wanting to gain experience and confidence ministering to the poor and street-involved.
Andrew Hubbard Oct 2018
Pastoral Ministry Track Couples and families in
urban communities
11 mos A ministry learning placement to develop effective pastoral ministry practices to adults, couples and young families in a urban city communities Bill Dyck Oct 2018
Inner-City Ministry
Young adults & families in inner-city communities 11 mos A ministry learning placement to develop effective outreach and discipleship methods among ethnic peoples. Dan Buggie Oct 2018
Intercultural Ministry
Immigrant and refugee families 11 mos A ministry learning placement to develop effective outreach and discipleship methods among Immigrant and refugee families. Jim Foster


Oct 2018
Marketplace Ministry
Workplace relationships, professional network 11 mos A facilitated learning learning program designed to assist in the integration of faith & work in an environment of business, government, the arts, education, etc. Jim Foster Oct 2018



A valuable part of the intern’s experience will come from their relationship with the mentor-coach assigned to them. These are ministry veterans in the area they are ministering in. An introductory planning session, bi-weekly meetings, and ongoing evaluations will be guided by your mentor-coach to ensure the experience meets your expectations, the desires of your group, and the Toronto Alliance Church team.  The mentor-coaches for this coming season are the following urban ministry veterans:

Mentor Experience
Bill Dyck Over 30 years of experience in church leadership in urban contexts; completing 23 years at Toronto Alliance Church as the Lead Pastor; years of experience in mentoring interns and ministry leaders in spiritual and ministry formation; strengths are in church lead pastoring, preaching, teaching, team leadership, and prayer ministry.
Dan Buggie Over 12 years overseeing a mentoring, missional community at Jane and Finch among young adults. This missional community fosters an environment for vigorous debate through the sharing of life together, which ignites the unique gifts the Gospel places in each member to serve their own context.
Leslie Shillinglaw Over 15 years of experience in children’s ministries, leading church children’s programs, and outreach programs among community children and families; Team Lead for Children’s Ministries and for the outreach efforts in Parkdale, Toronto, a low income community being specifically targeted for outreach and church planting; strengths in evangelism, Bible teaching, equipping and mentoring other volunteer workers.  
Andrew Hubbard Over 5 years of experience in urban ministry leadership and outreach to urban poor, street-involved people; currently Team Lead for Compassionate Ministries; has mentored many in ministry methods among urban poor; strengths in outreach, Bible study leadership, compassionate ministry.
Jim Foster Over 25 years of experience in church and missions leadership roles; worked as a church planter, business as missions worker, and church leadership developer; currently Re-Build Director and Community Engagement Coordinator; has mentor-coached many ministry leaders in marketplace and church ministry settings; strengths are in cross-cultural outreach, marketplace ministry, business for transformation, leadership coaching and development programs.


Learning Programs

The Rebuild Centre, a training centre of Toronto Alliance Church under which the Internship Program is operated, will provide additional learning opportunities throughout the year. Every year, training workshops and strategy sessions are be delivered to provide a learning environment where principles and practices of ministry are both considered, and where strategies for outreach in urban settings are developed.  

Click Here for a list of upcoming Learning Events.



To bring transformation to the lives of those living and working in our cities, the main targets for spiritual and ministry formation are the following groups:

  • Christian ministry students (church planters, youth & children’s workers…)
  • Marketplace professionals (business, education, government, arts…)
  • International workers and church planters (agencies, churches…)

The programs of The Re-build Centre are being promoted among our own volunteers and our 25+ church and business partners.  Please contact us about your needs.


Ministry Partners


The bulk of the interns and students for these programs are drawn from key groups who are partners in urban ministry. A few of these are:

  • Toronto Alliance Church members (eg. outreach coordinators)
  • Partner Church members (eg. outreach interns)
  • Missions Organizations (eg. missions apprentices)
  • Training Institutions (eg. student interns)
  • C&MA Districts (eg. venture apprentices)