The Prayers of Advent – Waiting that has been Satisfied

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TAC – The Prayers of Advent – Waiting that has been Satisfied by Tacblogs on Mixcloud

1. For children, waiting for Christmas can be very difficult. Share a story from your own life or your children’s lives that demonstrates the difficulty of waiting.

2. How can you slow down over the Advent season to meditate and reflect on the gift of Christ? Share some practical suggestions that have worked for you.

3. Read Luke 2:25-35. Share one thing that stands out to you from this passage.

4. Pastor Bill said that waiting on God arises from a disconnect. What did he mean by this? Why is waiting on God worthwhile? Can you think of any examples of how God met you in your waiting?

5. God creates faith. Do we have any part to play in building faith? If so, what?

6. Read Psalm 25:1-3. What does this passage teach you about waiting on God?

7. Practically speaking, what does waiting on God look like? What does one do while waiting on God?

8. What do you need to do as a response to this message and cell group?