The Prayers of Advent – I Want to Know You

Categories: Sermon

TAC – Prayers of Advent – I Want to Know You by Tacblogs on Mixcloud

1. Share about an Advent tradition that holds a special place in your heart.

2. What do you think some of the special prayers requests that people have during Advent are?

3. Read Acts 17:16-34.

4. What idols do we find in Toronto? What should our response to these idols be? How does Paul respond to the idols in Athens?

5. What does the alter dedicated to the unknown God represent? Have you ever had a discussion with someone who believed that God exists but who was unsure of what God was like? Share a bit of this conversation. How can such conversations be transformed into witnessing opportunities?

6. What type of gods are created by the imagination of people? Share aspects of the character/deeds/appearance of these gods. What is the benefit of believing in these gods? What is the danger of believing in them?

7. In what ways has your own imagination shaped your understanding of the doctrine of God – in ways contrary to Scripture?

8. What is repentance? What must you repent of? What must this city repent of?