Praise and Thanksgiving! – PATHWAYS TO THE KING #5 (Ch 4)

This week, Pastor Bill speaks from Psalm 95, focusing especially on the importance of praising God and giving Him thanks.

It is good and right to praise Him! First, because He is a great God, most worthy of praise. Secondly, because praise is a fitting sacrifice to God. Third, because through praise and thanksgiving we come into and experience God’s presence. Fourth, because praise increases our faith to pray expectantly.  There are more reasons than that but time is limited.

We are to praise God with our whole heart, with joy, and being renewed in our minds to know His tremendous character. Of course, singing or speaking are involved, and different postures may be helpful.

This is the fifth message in our current series of sermons – PATHWAYS TO THE KING – which is tracking with Rob Reimer’s book by that same name. We are working through this book in our small groups to start the year off. This sermon takes the same theme as chapter four of the book – “Praise.”

Do Not Fear, but Trust in God – Psalm 56

Pastor Leslie continues our summer sermon series, walking through some of the psalms of David – Living In The Goodness Of God.
Psalm 56 is a wonderful psalm of trusting God, despite all the reasons to fear. Our antidote to fear is worship and leaning on God’s word.