What Child Is This? (#2) – Wise & Benevolent Ruler

In the second week of Advent 2018, Pastor Bill preaches from Isaiah 9:1-7. Here we find the the child who is our wise and benevolent ruler. He brings light to a people who have long lived in darkness; His rule brings joy and freedom. This child is divine and his rule extends forever and beyond the confines of this world.
We are invited to yield to His rule as our real, living, functional Lord of our lives
Christ is truly the head of our lives and of the church. Not in some distant way, but nearby – “with us always.”

What Child Is This? (#1) – Flesh & Blood Testimony

We begin our advent series for 2018. Pastor Andrew teaches from John 1.
Jesus is true God from true God, come to show in the most definite way who God is for us – God come in flesh and blood.
We, too are challenged to be flesh and blood witnesses –  to Christ.
We testify to His first coming; and we testify to His second coming.