How To Make The Most Out Of Hardship – 2 Corinthians 11:23-12:9

Preaching from 2 Corinthians 11:23 – 12:9, Pastor Bill speaks on how to think about trials in our lives.

Generally our approach is avoidance. But God has definite purposes to trials and difficulties in our lives. In this piece there are several that come out. First, they keep us humble, given the public and sometimes powerful nature of what God has called us to do. They keep us from falling away into self reliance and arrogance. Second, they enable us to be far more effective conduits of God’s power; His power is made perfect in weakness, not strength. Third, to bring us into greater dependence upon Him.

How then to survive trials and seek to thrive in the midst of them? The list of what Paul endured is formidable; one has to ask how can a person live through all of that and still keep going, without any bitterness whatsoever against God. One, to understand God’s purposes in trials. Two, to receive God’s wisdom in trials. Three, to believe that God is with you in trials and has not removed His love from you.

Psalm 91 – 5 Back To School Prayers

Looking at Psalm 91, Pastor Bill points out how it as a springboard for our prayers for our kids as they begin their new school year. (Not a bad idea to pray these throughout the entire year, too!)

God bless you as you listen and as you go about your day!

Psalm 57 – Shacks into Cathedrals or How To Be Still Even When Everything Is Going Wrong

Pastor Bill Dyck continues our 2018 summer sermon series, “Living in the Goodness of God” in which we discover what has for us in a selection of David’s psalms.

Here we learn how God leads us to spiritual vitality even in the midst of great danger. Knowing God drastically changes our perspective so that we are able to live lives of worship at all times – even when the king is trying to take your life! May God bless you as you listen.

The Good Side Of Trouble – Psalm 18

Part One of our summer sermon series: “Living in the Goodness of God.”

Synopsis: Trouble isn’t all bad. When we seriously pray to God in it and don’t abandon faith in Him because of it, we experience His presence in unusual ways and are ourselves changed. In addition He rescues us because we call out to Him.

How can we follow the words of James 1:2, that we are to consider it joy to go through trials and troubles? Pastor Bill shares some very helpful insights from Psalm 18 as we begin our summer sermon series through some of the Psalms of David.