No Impossible Cases – Why Jesus Is The Greatest of All (Part 1) – Acts 4:1-13

Preaching on Jesus as the unique Saviour, Pastor Bill Shares from Acts 4:1-13.
Jesus is the unique Saviour of the world; He is uniquely qualified for that. There is none who is too far gone, none that He cannot reach – no impossible cases.
Pastor Bill also highlights some of the terrible situations that Jesus frees us from and what Jesus frees us for.
The rubber hits the road when listeners are challenged to encounter Jesus personally and engage their will in following Christ in His fullness. Now is the time.

Higher Ground: Nearness with God

TAC – Higher Ground: Nearness with God by Tacblogs on Mixcloud


1. When have you experienced the presence of God the greatest? Describe that experience.

2. Read the passage 1 John 1:1-2:2

3. How is what John describes in vv. 1-3 greater than what people before Christ experienced? What evidence is there in this passage that this is still an ongoing experience for us

4. There are at least three things we do to nurture this fellowship with God that we have been given:

  • Gazing upon Christ (2-4). What are the distractions that most lure your gaze away from Christ? Any ideas on how to remedy that?
  • walking in the light (5-10). Why is confession of sin such an important practice for the Christian? Describe an experience where confession renewed fellowship with God for you.
  • Trust your Advocate (2:1-2). Why would we not trust Him in this role?

5. Is there a longing for deeper fellowship with God in your heart? Express that to God and pray for each other.