Praying Kingdom Prayers – PATHWAYS TO THE KING #6 (Ch 5)

This Sunday, Pastor Bill speaks on: praying kingdom prayers.  Our central text is Matthew 16:13-19, where Jesus describes what He is creating – the church; that entity which embodies all the principles and privileges of the kingdom of heaven.  People come into it only by revelation.  It is unshakable, built on the confession of Jesus.  And those in it are given keys – authority. Jesus speaks of the authority of prayer that is available to believers: What they bind on earth is bound in heaven and what they loose on earth is loosed in heaven. God intends to do things impossible to man at their simple request, things that are focused not on their comforts but His glory.

This is the sixth message in our current series of sermons – PATHWAYS TO THE KING – which is tracking with Rob Reimer’s book by that same name. We are working through this book in our small groups to start the year off. This sermon takes the same theme as chapter five of the book – “Pray Kingdom Prayers.”

Finding Rest in Christ – How to Quiet Yourself – Back to the Basics Part 2

We continue our ‘Back to the Basics’ series. This second sermon in the series is about the importance and challenge of stillness – learning to be quiet in God, despite fear, anxiety, drivenness, etc.

Preaching from Isaiah 7:3-9 (see also 1 Kings 19:11-13), Pastor Bill teaches warns that, If we do not learn to quiet ourselves in the face of threatening and overwhelming situations, we will not be able to hear the voice of God and fear wins the day. Faith gives way to fear. To learn to be quiet brings about the very opposite and faith prevails!

This encouragement is very good for us to hear: to persist in faith regardless of what can be an overwhelming amount of voices that attempt to crowd His voice out from our mind.

Perhaps the words of St Paul are apropos here. He says that the path to spiritual maturity, stability, etc. is this: “Let no one be deceived. If anyone among you thinks that they are wise in this age, let them become a fool that they may become wise” (1 Corinthians 3:16). In other words: we are used to the ways of the world and its pressures seem so overwhelming; but the way to true life is in leaning on God and His wisdom. We need to hear from His Spirit. That is a “first thing;” a basic necessity.

Meeting with Christ Daily – Psalm 1

This is the first sermon in our “Back to the Basics” Sermon Series.
Pastor Bill speaks from Psalm 1 on the value of establishing daily devotions in our lives in order to abide in Christ. We need to have these daily times with God in order to have fellowship with Him, so that we don’t wither, to have victory over temptation, to grow in godly character, and to be successful in our lives.
Pastor Bill also gives some practical advice for how to set aside time and for what to do during our daily devotions so as to get the most from them.

Christ Our Healer – Part #3 in “Why Jesus Is the Greatest of All”

This is the third part in ‘Why Jesus is the greatest of all’.  Pastor Bill speaks on Christ as our Healer, from Matthew 15:21-31. This is the story of Christ and the Canaanite woman; whom He puts off.  The woman however won’t be put off and presses in all the more to Him and receives the reward of her persistence.  Her daughter is healed.  And then Jesus heals the multitude who bring their sick to Him.  At the end of all that, the people glorified God.  What is remarkable about this is that it occurs in the area of Gentiles.  Christ didn’t do much with the Gentiles but here it’s seen in living colour.  His great compassion for people.

Healing is meant for God’s children, but is given even to those who are outside the fold.

The invitation is to take our emotional and physical wounds to Christ, who is able to heal.

Psalm 91 – 5 Back To School Prayers

Looking at Psalm 91, Pastor Bill points out how it as a springboard for our prayers for our kids as they begin their new school year. (Not a bad idea to pray these throughout the entire year, too!)

God bless you as you listen and as you go about your day!

Life in the Pit: Trusting God’s Unfailing Love – Psalm 40

On July 29, Liam preached the third installment of our summer sermon series, “Living in the Goodness of God,” where we track through some of the psalms of David.

Here is a synopsis: In life, we face tough situations. In fact, Jesus tells us to expect trouble, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” In Psalm 40, we read of David crying out to God for help in prayer. But we get so much more than simply a plea for help. We get a beautiful, biblical pattern of how to trust in God’s unfailing love throughout the trials of life.

Transformation Prayer – Matthew 17:1-20

1. Do you have any talents which you showed a lot of promise in, but have plateaued in as of late? Why would you say you showed much talent in this ability? Why have you since plateaued?What is needed to thrive in a particular skill? Is it fair/wise to compare a talent/skill to yourspiritual walk? Why or why not?

2. Imagine a wonderfully equipped playground full of kids playing. One is going down the slide, another digging in the sandbox, one climbing a tree, in the wading pool, on a swing, etc. How would you describe your current spiritual life by comparing it to a child in a playground? Why did you choose this image?

3. Read Matthew 17:1-20.

4. Have you ever had a significant mountaintop experience with God? Describe it to the group.What happened? What was the result of it (how did it impact you?)? What led you to thismountaintop? What can keep someone from finding themselves on the mountaintop?

5. Why might God want to reveal Himself in deeper ways to His people? How does someone become a person who longs for more of God?

6. What do you need to do as a result of this small group?

Transformation Prayer – Luke 11:14-28

1. Can you think of a time when you felt useless or helpless? Describe this time. How did you react to this helplessness?

2. Read Luke 11:14-28.

3. We need authority in this life and have been given authority. Why?

a. People are in bondage. What are people in bondage to? What are the symptoms of bondage? How might we discern if someone is ill or in bondage? How is bondage broken?

b. Because Christ came to set captives free. What are some examples you can think of where captives have been set free by Christ?

c. Because this same authority must be exercised on our part. Where in Scripture do we see believers exercising authority? Have you seen it in your lifetime?

d. This authority must be exercised with wisdom, under God’s instruction. What did Pastor Bill mean by this?

4. Where do you need to see the power of Christ in your life/your family’s life?