In this sermon, Pastor Bill speaks from Numbers 13 and 14, diving into the theme of living in the promises of God.  Here is the colourful story of the spies coming back from their exploratory trip into Canaan and the people’s serious wrestling over the promises of God.  The passage just begs the question, are we seriously able to trust God on the things He has definitely promised us? and how can we grow in that, seeing the negative effect of not trusting Him?

So faith in God, or in the promises of God:

  • Remembers God; remembers the things He has done, calls it to memory, etc. because God always acts consistently.
  • Sees God more clearly than circumstances. Relying on His voice rather than our eyes.
  • Follows God courageously so that how we talk changes.
  • Is rewarded.  God is not pleased by unbelief and hugely rewards faith in Him/His promises.

This is the seventh message in our current series of sermons – PATHWAYS TO THE KING – which is tracking with Rob Reimer’s book by that same name. We are working through this book in our small groups to start the year off. This sermon takes the same theme as chapter six of the book – “Promises of God.”

Pursuing Freedom in God

Pastor Bill preaches from Numbers 22-24.

Here we learn that curses are real and powerful, that blessings and protection is from God and that personal sin can be an entry point for evil’s deeper influence in our lives.Be found in Christ today. Shed all that hinders.

[We are gearing up for our set-free weekend (late Nov 2018).]