God at Work – The Power of a Godly Life

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1. Describe your favourite job to date and why you liked it.

2. This week the focus is upon one’s impact in the workplace. Describe someone who had a positive impact on you in a work environment. Why were they able to have such an impact on you?

3. Read 1 Peter 2.

4. God wants to manifest Himself through us in the workplace. Do you agree with this statement or not? Many believe that faith is a private matter: for the home and the church only. How would you respond to someone who asserted this?

5. Do you consider your workplace to be favourable to the Gospel? Why or why not? What should our response to disfavour be?

6. Consider the impact of a godly life. Read verse 12 again. What is Peter saying here? What would honourable conduct at your workplace look like? What could the result of such conduct be? How can we nourish a godly life?

7. Consider the impact of submission. Does a Christian have the responsibility to obey his or her boss, even if they are unfair or harsh? Defend your position from Scripture. What helps us walk through difficult times in life?

8. As a group, share the name of one unbeliever at each of your workplaces. Pray for these people by name, that God would lead them into His kingdom.