God at Work – The High Value of Integrity

TAC – God at Work – The High Value of Integrity by Tacblogs on Mixcloud

1. What is integrity? Define it. Share examples of integrity, especially from work situations.
2. Read 1 Peter 3.
3. How can wives win husbands for Christ? How can husbands win wives for Christ?
4. Do you believe that wives are still called to be subject to their husbands? Why or why not?
5. What is the link between a husband’s prayers and the way he treats his wife? Why do you think this is so?
6. Is there an instruction from verse 8 that stands out for you? Share what this instruction is and why it stands out. Describe a church or small group that takes this verse seriously.
7.How can we become people who bless those who treat us sinfully? Why should be bless such people?