TAC – God at Work – Inversion

TAC – God at Work – Inversion by Tacblogs on Mixcloud

  • Read the whole chapter; 1 Peter 5
  • Though Peter is describing how elders should relate to the church (1-4), the principles are transferable to how Christians should use leadership and influence.  What is counter cultural about what Peter says?  What changes need to happen in your leadership, as we take this seriously?
  • Humility is also deeply counter cultural (5-7).  How does humility express itself in these verses?  Are you intentionally putting humility on, as you would a garment, these days?
  • Resisting the devil. (8-10)  What exactly does the devil do in times of trial and suffering that is to be resisted?  What does this mean, ‘Resist him, firm in your faith.’  How can you become more watchful re his evil plans and how might you resist his working right now?
  • Remind yourselves of God’s promise (10).  Spend some time thanking God for the certainty of His watch care over you.

God at Work – 1 Peter 4

TAC – God at Work – 1 Peter 4 by Tacblogs on Mixcloud


  1. Read 1 Peter 4
  2. ‘Doing the will of God’ (2) and ‘doing what the Gentiles want to do’ (3) are set in contrast to one another.  How do you feel that contrast in your workplace or in your interactions with people in your life?
  3. Peter says that people are surprised you don’t run with them and that, as a result, they malign you.  How have you experienced that in your life?
  4. What should our attitude be towards suffering for the name of Christ (12-19)?
  5. How is God described as particularly present with those who suffer for the sake of righteousness? (12-19)
  6. The perspective of eternity or the coming judgement comes up repeatedly in this passage?  How is that an encouragement to us?
  7. Pray for each other that we might be faithful to the will of God in our workplaces and interactions with secular society, no matter what.  Remember our missionary friends, some of whom live in areas hostile to the will of God.  Remember the persecuted church.

God at Work – The High Value of Integrity

TAC – God at Work – The High Value of Integrity by Tacblogs on Mixcloud

1. What is integrity? Define it. Share examples of integrity, especially from work situations.
2. Read 1 Peter 3.
3. How can wives win husbands for Christ? How can husbands win wives for Christ?
4. Do you believe that wives are still called to be subject to their husbands? Why or why not?
5. What is the link between a husband’s prayers and the way he treats his wife? Why do you think this is so?
6. Is there an instruction from verse 8 that stands out for you? Share what this instruction is and why it stands out. Describe a church or small group that takes this verse seriously.
7.How can we become people who bless those who treat us sinfully? Why should be bless such people?

God at Work – The Power of a Godly Life

TAC – God at Work – The Power of a Godly Life by Tacblogs on Mixcloud

1. Describe your favourite job to date and why you liked it.

2. This week the focus is upon one’s impact in the workplace. Describe someone who had a positive impact on you in a work environment. Why were they able to have such an impact on you?

3. Read 1 Peter 2.

4. God wants to manifest Himself through us in the workplace. Do you agree with this statement or not? Many believe that faith is a private matter: for the home and the church only. How would you respond to someone who asserted this?

5. Do you consider your workplace to be favourable to the Gospel? Why or why not? What should our response to disfavour be?

6. Consider the impact of a godly life. Read verse 12 again. What is Peter saying here? What would honourable conduct at your workplace look like? What could the result of such conduct be? How can we nourish a godly life?

7. Consider the impact of submission. Does a Christian have the responsibility to obey his or her boss, even if they are unfair or harsh? Defend your position from Scripture. What helps us walk through difficult times in life?

8. As a group, share the name of one unbeliever at each of your workplaces. Pray for these people by name, that God would lead them into His kingdom.

God at Work – 1 Luke 1

1. For the next several weeks we are planning to focus on living for God in the workplace. Go around your group and share:

i. The job you wanted to have when you were a child and why;

ii. What your current job is (if you do not work for an income, share what you spend your days doing: student, volunteer, searching for a job, stay-at-home parent, etc.). How does your commitment to Christ express itself in your “workplace”? What Bible verses guide you when it comes to working?

2. Read 1 Peter 1.

3. Pastor Bill said that when we are settling matters of identity in our workplace, we need to understand the nature of our citizenship. What does this passage say about our citizenship? What are some of the benefits and responsibilities that we have because of our citizenship?

4. When settling matters of identity in the workplace, we need to understand the nature of our access to God. What did Bill mean when he spoke about this? How does understanding our access to God help us thrive in the workplace?

5. When settling matters of identity in the workplace, we need to understand the nature of our nobility. We are God’s children. What difference should this make to our lives at work?

6. What is one thing you can do this week to better shine for Christ in your “workplace”?