Psalm 91 – 5 Back To School Prayers

Looking at Psalm 91, Pastor Bill points out how it as a springboard for our prayers for our kids as they begin their new school year. (Not a bad idea to pray these throughout the entire year, too!)

God bless you as you listen and as you go about your day!

Family Matters, Part 2: I DO NOT regret having children

Pastor Andrew speaks from Proverbs 1:8-19 (March 11, 2018).

He mentions a number of links during his sermon:


The first link (epm) was not mentioned in the sermon, but is a good, practical, article for parents and church to look at if they are interested in their kids not falling away from the faith.

MacLean’s and Guardian are about the parental regret thing.

The last article (wsj) is only available through subscription. It is an article about how people who are married are more happy over the long run than people who cohabitate. But in the article there is an interesting factor for the happiness of those who are married. Albert Mohler ( ) sums it up nicely: “research was recently published in which the researchers demonstrated that the happiness effect of marriage is not merely short in duration. It’s long. Measured over a lifetime. Interestingly in the research we are told that over an adult lifespan happiness is something of a U-curve. It’s U-shaped over duration. It’s very happy as young adults marry, and it’s very happy in older adulthood. It’s less happy in the middle. Why?
“Well, the researchers say it’s less happy in the middle because of the stress and responsibilities of having and raising children and of making one’s way in career. The heavy responsibilities in the middle of adulthood mean that people are less happy. Now remember that just points to the definition of happiness and the problem with it. But it’s still revealing, and we shouldn’t be surprised that people may reflect their lives to have more moments of happiness if that’s defined as less responsibility in the beginning and the end of the adult life spectrum. ”