Jesus Up Close and Personal #2: “THE MAN WITH THE BURNING EYES” – Matthew 22

Pastor Bill speaks from Matthew 22:15-45 where four different questions are raised. Three are venomous – put to Jesus by His opponents as they attempt to test Him or trip Him up.  Jesus Himself poses the fourth question, getting right down to the heart of matters – His identity and authority.

Jesus’ insights are perfect on all matters; He sees perfectly and knows all things whether it be how to relate to earthly powers, the life to come, the law of God, and most importantly who he is – Son of David, Son of God. 

Jesus He sees through the motives and intentions of those who stand before Him, exposing their falseness.  His understanding, no one can fathom.

Here is a call to yield to His lordship and to seek His face. We must not seek to compartmentalize Jesus – thinking that He can only do certain things well. No – He is authoritative over all and does all things well. Seek Him and find Him. Ask Him for a third way, when no other options are coming to you.

Make time to worship and seek Jesus, who is all-wise and has all authority.

Praying Kingdom Prayers – PATHWAYS TO THE KING #6 (Ch 5)

This Sunday, Pastor Bill speaks on: praying kingdom prayers.  Our central text is Matthew 16:13-19, where Jesus describes what He is creating – the church; that entity which embodies all the principles and privileges of the kingdom of heaven.  People come into it only by revelation.  It is unshakable, built on the confession of Jesus.  And those in it are given keys – authority. Jesus speaks of the authority of prayer that is available to believers: What they bind on earth is bound in heaven and what they loose on earth is loosed in heaven. God intends to do things impossible to man at their simple request, things that are focused not on their comforts but His glory.

This is the sixth message in our current series of sermons – PATHWAYS TO THE KING – which is tracking with Rob Reimer’s book by that same name. We are working through this book in our small groups to start the year off. This sermon takes the same theme as chapter five of the book – “Pray Kingdom Prayers.”