Restoring broken lives


We are called to restore broken lives. A very high calling and one that has incredible relevance today.

To many, the church is anything but good news.  ‘Out of touch, archaic, concerned only about itself and its traditions…’ they say.  Maybe that is how you feel.

But the truth is that we all have brokenness.  Education, relationships and a salary can cloud the issue for a time.  But the symptoms of a deeper problem remain – a search for meaning, nagging emptiness, lack of inner peace, a tendency toward selfishness, an inability to control our actions and our thoughts, etc.

God eagerly desires to restore our broken lives.  And the church, imperfect though it may be, is still His chosen vehicle for bringing wholeness to people.


At TAC, our deep convictions are as follows:

  • God accomplishes the restoration work.  We are deeply dependent on Him for everything and pursue Him passionately.
  • We are a church, not a mission – a healthy body worshipping God in the midst of brokenness, being His hands and feet, embodying the kingdom by our life together.
  • God has not abandoned the city but is raising up the church out of its own brokenness.
  • The church is planted in the city and must thrive there – reaching out to restore those in need by drawing near, helping, loving and healing.
  • In one hand, we bring the good news of the Lord Jesus and, in the other, deeds of compassion that truly meet real needs – both of these are crucial.
  • We are called to courage, trusting God against formidable odds.  Darkness will not prevail.


At TAC, we are committed to being:

  • A Worshipping Community…that is becoming restored and made fully alive as we encounter Jesus, experience community and extend God’s love.
  • A Missional Hub… from which other downtown ministries can be supported
  • A Ministry Training Center… for urban ministry, mentoring people for urban Christian work, be it in Toronto, other Canadian cities, or overseas.
  • A Catalyst… for other churches and organizations that wish to be involved in reaching out to those in the urban core.