Settlement Team (ReST) Established

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un-urges-jordan-to-let-12000-stranded-syrian-refugees-to-enterOver the past 6 months a plan to sponsor a Syrian refugee family to move to Toronto, Canada has been coming together. Toronto Alliance Church leaders agreed that this would be one way we as a church family could get involved in the humanitarian crisis happening in Syria.  We came to know of the family in Lebanon through the parents of one of our members, who were visiting Toronto last winter. They introduced us to Family A (names not included for privacy reasons) whom they had come to know through their Alliance church in Jbeil, Lebanon who had reached out this family. The family escaped to Lebanon when the war in Syria arrived at their village. They registered as refugees with the UNHCR office in Lebanon and have waited for an opportunity to immigrate to a third country due to the unwillingness of the Lebanese government to give them permanent status.

In August we held an orientation workshop on the topic of Refugee Settlement, and then in early October established the ReST or Refugee Settlement Team to begin meeting and planning for the sponsorship and eventual settlement of  this Syrian family in Toronto, hopefully near our church property at Queen St. & Bathurst St.  The team is in the final stages of completing and submitting the application to the C&MA office, and then the Canadian Government.  Then the ReST will wait until the government approves their sponsorship and the family makes the final steps to move to Toronto.  In the mean time, there is much to plan for before they arrive.

How you can Pray at this time:

  • For the ReST Team as they plan for application submissions, resettlement budget, housing needs, health, etc.
  • For Family A as they live in a one-room apartment, where they sleep, do school work, prepare and eat meals, etc. They are eager to restart their lives in a new and stable place.
  • For all the funds necessary for their resettlement costs to come in.

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