Praying for the Re-Settlement of our Refugee Family

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How Partnership Works for our Refugee Sponsorship Plans

It is no simple and quick process to sponsor a family. Here are all the people, groups, and churches who have become involved in this plan to sponsor and resettle a Syrian family into Toronto in 2017:

  • The leaders of our church had the vision to help a Syrian family resettle to Toronto from Syria.  They held a workshop on refugee sponsorship, gathered interest among members, and then invited individuals to join as the ReST or Refugee Settlement Team. Then they each took areas of responsibility and began planning for the needs of the resettlement budget, housing, household, transportation, medical, kids schooling, language study, etc.
  • Friends from the Yellowknife Alliance Church, NWT, who have sponsored refugees before, have been raising funds to assist us with the $35,000 yearly budget we have set for the Syrian family’s first 12-month settlement costs.  One leader from there has also been helping by consulting our us in our planning.
  • Another church, Zion Alliance Church, offered to assist with the First Year Settlement Budget and with the resettlement planning. Members of this church family are now planning for the collection of household furnishings, and plan to assist in transportation needs
  • Of great help has been the Refugee Settlement office of the Alliance Justice & Compassion office, a department of the national ministry center of the Alliance denomination. Their advice and guidance on the formal application, on the budget plans, and many other things has been indispensable. They have also committed to providing a small amount of funding for the project.
  • The Jbeil Alliance Church in the town of Jbeil, Lebanon and several key people from that church have assisted us in communication and preparation with the Syrian family we are sponsoring. They have explained the process to them, helped to translate and complete long and detailed applications, and have relayed our love and concern to the family.
  • Finally, our own Toronto Alliance Church members have been helping with the planning as stated, but the whole congregation is completely supportive of this plan to help this Syrian family of four.  Our desire is to give the family a good start at a new life in Canada, and to see them rebuild their family and faith community here in our midst.

PLEASE PRAY as the Syrian family works to support themselves in very limited living conditions, as they grow in their faith in Christ (they are new Christians), and as they wait patiently for the approval of their application to the Canadian government to move and resettle in Toronto.

PLEASE PRAY for unity among the many people, agencies and churches as they work towards seeing this family settled here in Canada.

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