Please Pray for Patience!

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We just received some wonderful news! The Application to sponsor the Syrian family has now been accepted by the Canadian Government (as of Feb 21). Now as the file is sent to Lebanon, and the interviews, background checks, etc. take place, please pray that this process will go smoothly and without delay.

As our Refugee Settlement team works together, there are many tasks on their list which need to be accomplished in a timely manner. Would you please pray for them as they work to prepare for a smooth transition for our refugee family to come and settle in Toronto. We need continued unity and focus for our team. Your prayers are highly valued.

Would you also pray for Christian families who love Jesus, and are willing to rise and help some of the families whom Pastor Jim has been reaching out to. These families, who have already come to Toronto, are in very great need of friendship with Christians. They need people who will embrace them and include them in their community in practical ways. Please pray for these lonely families. We really need the Lord to raise up people who will care for them and help them learn and practice speaking English.

Please also pray for the Syrian refugee family we are sponsoring as they wait for their interviews with the Canadian Government. Please pray for their health and patience with this long process. It must be very difficult to be displaced with no permanent home for such a long time.

Pray for the Syrian couple as they grow in their new found faith in Jesus.

And pray for the Lebanese Alliance families who are caring for them until they are approved to move to Toronto.


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