What is partnership? 

Partnership implies that we are better together.  We can go further and climb higher mountains if we do it with others than alone.

It also acknowledges that there are more who are interested in doing this task and ministry than first meets the eye.  Some were there before we ever arrived and many have become interested since we came and join in.  As a result, we develop ministries that both acknowledge and welcome people’s involvement.

A partnership varies in length, responsibility, and can accommodate individuals or groups.

A partnership is meant to be of significant benefit to the ones who join with us though it must also be useful to our church.

Why do we partner?

  • The work is far too large to be done alone.  It is quite clear to us that we need people beyond our own number.
  • We have seen that there are many who wish to be involved with us in front line work with people in urban ministries.  We welcome their participation.  We see ourselves as a catalyst for those who have such desires.
  • We seek to be true to our roots.  The Alliance, when we began 125 years ago, was a gathering point of all kinds of people whose hearts were stirred by mission and by the call to a deeper life with God.
  • In some cases, others are already involved in the community and we join with them in some way.

Training Partners

Speaking to churches on topics related to urban ministry such as:

  • Building bridges to the community
  • Principles of godly charity
  • Retreading a well worn pathway; history of the C&MA as it relates to the city
  • A theology of the city
  • Thriving in the city

For more informations contact Bill Dyck

Involvement: we have become a catalyst and a vehicle for many who wish to become involved in front line work with people in the urban core.

    • Community Night – Groups wishing to join us in reaching out to street- involved people on Saturday evenings are generally placed on a rotating schedule.  They bring a group of volunteers to serve with us, take some responsibility for the meal, and perhaps take up an offering of used clothing or non-perishable food.  We are in close communication with these groups regarding all these details and provide leadership for them when they are with us.  Contact Andrew Hubbard.
    • Fusion Toronto – an urban plunge weekend for youth groups from out of town where they immerse themselves in the life of our church.  The weekend consists of prayer walks and being involved in various ministries around the downtown.  The goal is to expose young people to the obvious needs of the downtown and help them see Jesus’ heart for those there.  Groups stay in the church over night.  Cost for the weekend is $300.  http://www.torontoalliancechurch.ca/office
    • Short Term Ministry groups – groups who participate with us for a whole week in an intensive outreach and training experience.   Contact Leslie Shillinglaw


  • Partner through prayer.  We value the intercession of people from outside the church and communicate regularly with those who express interest.  Contact Bill Dyck


  • Staff salaries – The majority of our ministry staff raise their own support to be with us.  We ask our staff to communicate with family and friends to contribute to their salary.  Those who wish to partner financially would indicate which ministry they wish to support.  Communication would occur directly with staff regarding the nature of their ministry through regular updates.  The church issues tax receipts at year end. TAC Office.
  • Church ministry – supporting financially the ongoing work of Toronto Alliance Church. TAC Office.


  • Re-build fund – giving to a building purchase fund.  Our desire is to eventually purchase a building in the Parkdale community that will be home to Toronto Alliance Church as well as a ministry centre for the training of workers and planting of churches downtown.  Churches and individuals contribute to this fund.  See www.re-build.ca for more details.
    • We are  presently in a partnership with the Eastern Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada who have made the Toronto Alliance Church re-build a ‘district fund-raising project’.