Our Mission

We are called to restore broken lives. A very high calling and one that has incredible relevance today.

To many, the church is anything but good news.  ‘Out of touch, archaic, concerned only about itself and its traditions…’ they say.  Maybe that is how you feel.

But the truth is that we all have brokenness.  Education, relationships and a salary can cloud the issue for a time.  But the symptoms of a deeper problem remain – a search for meaning, nagging emptiness, lack of inner peace, a tendency toward selfishness, an inability to control our actions and our thoughts, etc.

God eagerly desires to restore our broken lives.  And the church, imperfect though it may be, is still His chosen vehicle for bringing wholeness to people.



What to expect on a Sunday afternoon?

We have one worship service at 2:00 pm on Sunday afternoon at 250 Dunn Av, in Parkdale. (Please note the map below will direct you to our offices at Queen and Bathurst. Our Sunday services are in Parkdale.)

The doors are always open early!

Our services last about an hour and a half, are filled with modern music, prayer, meeting up with each other and seeking to love God and know Him better.  We are a diverse group of people who enjoy being together.  The teaching from the Bible is practical and relevant.  We pray together and take time to reflect and be still – something desperately needed in the noise of our lives.  We want TAC to be a place where people come to know God and experience His restoration in our lives.

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Our office is located in downtown Toronto near Queen & Bathurst. Our Sunday service is at 250 Dunn Av in Parkdale.