Missions Week – Small Group Questions

Categories: Sermon

1. Share a time that you had news that you longed to share with someone/just couldn’t keep to yourself? What was the news? Who did you tell it to? What was it about that news that made it so urgent and repeatable?

2. How do you define a missionary? What do you know of the regions of the world the Alliance is involved in and the different types of missions work the Alliance encourages? [leaders: see http://www.cmacan.org/global-ministries].

3. Why should the church be involved in missions work? Use the Bible as you answer.

4. Read Acts 17.

5. What stands out to you from this passage? Why?

6. What, if anything, makes it hardest for you to share the Gospel? [eg. don’t feel like you have all the answers to questions people might ask, afraid you will be ridiculed, afraid it will negatively affect your standing at work, etc.].

7. What stops you personally from being an international worker? Is this a satisfactory reason for not going?

8. How does God want you to personally respond to missions week?