Higher Ground – Confidence Before God

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TAC – Higher Ground: Confidence Before God by Tacblogs on Mixcloud


1. What is confidence? What personal abilities do you have confidence in (i.e. What do you know you can do well?)? What personal abilities do you have no confidence in?

2. How can shame rob us of confidence? How have you experienced this?

3. Read 1 John 2:28 to the end of chapter 3.

4. How would you respond to someone who says that it is impossible to have confidence before God?

5. What does this passage have to say about closeness with God? What relevance does closeness

with God have for daily life? Why can we experience closeness with God? What can we do when we are not feeling close to God?

6. What glorious future lies before the follower of Christ (draw on other passages of Scripture as you answer this)? What do you believe would happen to you if you reflected on this question regularly?

7. Pastor Bill said that we are given “higher ground.” What did he mean by this (see 3:9)? What should we do with ongoing sin in our lives? [Don’t deny it. Set our face against it. Admit that we are powerless against it. Rejoice that God’s seed is in us. Don’t run away from the church.]

8. Talk about the love a Christian should have. What are some of the things that we learn about love in this passage?

9. What does 1 John 3:18-20 say? Pray that God would will your hearts with peace.