Hearing God – Does God Still Speak Today

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1. How do you recharge your soul?

2. Do you believe that God speaks today (reflect on 1 Samuel 3 and Acts 10:9-16 as you answer this)? Do you believe that God has ever spoken to you? Share a bit about this.

3. Pastor Bill said that hearing God is the birthright of the child of God. What did he mean by this?

4. Read John 10:22-30 as a group. Then read it over again two or three times on your own. Spend fifteen minutes in silence with a journal/piece of paper and a pen. Ask God if He has anything to say to you. Confess any sins that God brings to mind. Lay any anxieties that come to mind before Him. Write down what you think God might be saying. Write down questions you might have of God as well.

5. Take up this exercise as a group. Do you believe that God spoke to you? If so, share one thing that He may have said.

6. What is the connection between the Word of God and listening to God?

7. End your time together by having each person share:

i. What you must do in response to Sunday’s sermon.

ii. Encouraging words for another member of your group – how they have blessed you or others over the past couple of weeks.

iii. One area of struggle in their Christian walk.

iv. One person that they would like to see come to faith/return to God.

Pray for one another in light of these three items and any other concerns your group members might have.