God at Work – 1 Peter 4

Categories: Sermon

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  1. Read 1 Peter 4
  2. ‘Doing the will of God’ (2) and ‘doing what the Gentiles want to do’ (3) are set in contrast to one another.  How do you feel that contrast in your workplace or in your interactions with people in your life?
  3. Peter says that people are surprised you don’t run with them and that, as a result, they malign you.  How have you experienced that in your life?
  4. What should our attitude be towards suffering for the name of Christ (12-19)?
  5. How is God described as particularly present with those who suffer for the sake of righteousness? (12-19)
  6. The perspective of eternity or the coming judgement comes up repeatedly in this passage?  How is that an encouragement to us?
  7. Pray for each other that we might be faithful to the will of God in our workplaces and interactions with secular society, no matter what.  Remember our missionary friends, some of whom live in areas hostile to the will of God.  Remember the persecuted church.