Glorify God in your Body – Flee From Sexual Immorality

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TAC – Glorify God in your Body – Flee From Sexual Immorality by Tacblogs on Mixcloud


1.       How have you seen social norms changing as they relate to sexuality over the past ten to twenty years? Why do you believe they are changing? What are some of the good results of the change? What are some of the bad results?

2.       Read 1 Corinthians 6.

3.       Why might Paul bring up the issue of conflict at the beginning of this chapter?

4.       Is it important to regularly ask ourselves where our convictions are coming from? Why or why not? What steps can we take to ensure that our convictions are based in Scripture?

5.       Why does it make no sense to base our convictions on what the world says is right? Why do Christians sometimes do it then?

6.       Do you have any questions about terms in verses 9-10? Why do you think God is against sexual sin?

7.       Read verse 11 again. How does someone move from sin to life and obedience?

8.       How might you help a believer who is struggling with pornography? Having sex outside of marriage? Homosexuality?

9.       How can we reach out to unbelievers who are struggling with sexual immorality with the love of Jesus?

10.   Read verses 12-20. How does verse 20 exhort us to use our bodies? How do these verses help us use our bodies in this way?

11.   End your time together by having each person share:

i.                     What you must do in response to Sunday’s sermon.

ii.                   Encouraging words for another member of your group – how they have blessed you or others over the past couple of weeks.

iii.                  One area of struggle in their Christian walk.

iv.                 One person that they would like to see come to faith/return to God.

Pray for one another in light of these three items and any other concerns your group members might have.