Giving to Re-build

Our Request

Our ask of you is to join us in the re-build.  To purchase and renovate a building in our community is estimated to cost over $5 million dollars.  Many have been giving out of a passion to be part of the vision to rebuild on that historic foundation. Why Are We Asking for Support from Beyond Our Own Congregation?

Our work is so significantly among the poor; we give extensively to those who are not able to give back or contribute significantly to a building campaign.
It is a work that enriches the lives of many outside of our church.
We believe that the vision of rebuilding the church in the urban core resonates in the hearts of many.
From the beginning, it has been a work that has been larger than our own congregation and we continue to look beyond our congregation for support in prayer, in workers and in finances. It is a unique parish that many individuals and churches feel passionate about even though they do not live here.

Re-build Property Purchase – Giving Options:

Cheque / Money Order – send to Toronto Alliance Church – re-build, 602 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON  M6J 1E3
Donate Online (click here to open up a new page at
Giving us a Hand – We have sensed that God wants this re-build story shared across the globe for His renown and His glory. So please share the re-build story with 5 friends or family – Copy the following link and email it to 5 people you know…

Total Funds Needed – $5 million

Money in the Bank – $1,000,000

Pledges to Date – $430,000

Total Response to Date – $1,430,000