Fusion: the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity

TAC Fusion Mission Statement

We welcome youth groups to join us for the weekend with the hope that as they see what the Spirit of God is up to in the downtown core, they would be strengthened as they gain a broader sense of the work of God’s kingdom. Hopefully a fusion occurs between what God has taught them prior and how he wants to teach them while in the city.


Fusion trips happen throughout the course of a weekend; they begin Friday evening and end Sunday morning. We are flexible if groups need to leave prior to Sunday.

Target Audience

Youth groups consisting of students in high school with an appropriate amount of leaders for the size of the group.


In light of the various partnering opportunities that the group will be a part of, there is no initial cost for the weekend. We welcome any sort of payment to help cover the cost of heating the space, as well as staff salaries, which are partially funded by each individual staff member.

Weekend Layout


Groups are invited to arrive between 5:00-6:00pm. Meals are not provided by the church and so if groups are hoping to have dinner in the city, they should arrive accordingly, ready to begin their involvement around 6:15pm. Friday evening predominately consists of partnering with Toronto Alliance Church’s (TAC), Jr.High ministry. Some of the students that come on Friday night live locally and benefit from having the leaders pick them up. Groups can expect that some of their team will be heading out around 6:15pm to get students. The night starts at 7pm and wraps up around 9:30pm.

After this time, groups will head out with a member of TAC on a prayer walk around the community. This is to both inform groups of what kinds of ministries are at work within the community, and also to invite groups into prayer for individuals and situations that need interceding for. Groups will return to TAC after this to relax and sleep.

*Sleeping arrangements require males in one room and females in another room. We recommend bringing sleeping mats or therm-a-rests, as the church floor can be rather hard.

Saturday 9am-3pm

Saturday allows for much more flexibility with regards to scheduling. We have seen the downside of scheduling too many activities, and so we quite intentionally have scheduled nothing from the time the group wakes up, until 3:00pm Saturday afternoon. In wanting to give groups time to reflect and space for God to work, we have a few recommendations for what this time could look like:

  • Staff members at TAC have a few contacts at other shelters and with organizations that provide opportunities to serve and learn; we are happy to give this information out to you so that you may contact them and arrange something during the time of 9:00am-3:00pm on Saturday.
  • The most significant thing that happens this weekend is that students are able to enter into conversations and relationships with those who are often neglected within the downtown. Groups can purchase gift cards from Tim Horton’s, Subway, McDonalds, etc, and walk different routes within the city, hoping to potentially bless these individuals and also receive from these individuals the gift of conversation and relationship.
  • We would encourage times of contemplation and prayer over what God may be saying to the group during this time as well. Some passages of scripture that would be good to reflect on during this time could be Isaiah 58; Matthew 25; Luke 14 and Philippians 2. Some important questions and prayers that students and leaders should be engaging in during this time are: how is God speaking to me in this passage? Am I open to letting God lead me during this time? God, reveal more of the love that you have for me, and for the people that surround me.

*Maps of different routes can be provided for the groups

Saturday 3:15pm-8pm

After this time of flexibility in the morning, the next several hours will involve the group partnering with TAC and what is called ‘Community Night.’ This dinner runs weekly and hopes to offer a meal to those in the community, while allowing relationships to be strengthened and community formed. During this time there are clothing rooms for males and females, as well as a food bank. The group could be involved in helping with any one of these different opportunities and depending on the size of the group, some may be on the street outside the church handing out warm beverages and snacks, hoping to bless the community. Groups will be under the leadership of a TAC pastor or elder during this evening and will have an opportunity to be briefed as well as debriefed during this night. After groups have helped clean up and been debriefed, the schedule is free for the rest of the night. Dinner is often desired at this point, and many have found it enjoyable to eat at a restaurant of a different culture and ethnicity. From dinnertime until the next morning, this is free time to potentially catch up on some sleep or to check out some sites within the city.

*Maps of different routes can be provided for the groups

Sunday 8am-10:30am

Worship services at Toronto Alliance Church happen at 9am and 11am on Sunday morning. Groups need to have everything packed up and in their vehicles by 8am Sunday morning, so that all ministries and things that need setting up regarding worship services can happen. Groups are invited to stick around for the first service before heading home.