Finding God in the Rythm of Life-Trusting God in times of disorientation

Categories: Sermon


1. Read Psalm 22.

2. Talk about the condition of the person who wrote this psalm. What are some of the conditions that might bring great pain upon people attending TAC?

3. Have you ever felt abandoned by God? If you feel able, please share on this topic.

4. Even though the psalmist is in great distress, he is not without hope. Why?

5. What should we do with our anguish and feelings of abandonment? What are some insights you get concerning prayer from this psalm? Why do we often refrain from bringing the reality of our condition before God?

6. Is anyone in your group going through a time of great distress and feeling abandoned by God? Spend some time in quiet prayer, being transparent before God and sharing your condition. Share a little bit about your distress with your group and have your group pray over you, listening to God for insight on your situation.

7. End your time together by having each person share:

i. What you must do in response to Sunday’s sermon.

ii. Encouraging words for another member of your group – how they have blessed you or others over the past couple of weeks.

iii. One area of struggle in their Christian walk.

iv. One person that they would like to see come to faith/return to God.

Pray for one another in light of these three items and any other concerns your group members might have.