Finding God at Work

Categories: Sermon

1. Have someone remind you of Allan’s testimony. What stood out to you from it? What practical insights did you draw from it?

2. Read Colossians 1:1-14.

3. Does God get involved in your work in the “office”? Explain. What responsibilities and privileges do we have when it comes to following/serving God at work?

4. Has a Christian ever had a positive impact on you at work? Share about this.

5. What are some of the things we can do at work to experience God/join God in His work of building the kingdom? (Pastor Jim spoke about prayer, serving the needs of others and dedicating our workplace/profession to God).

6. How does your work fit into the whole spiritual purpose of your life? What does God believe about our work? What does our city/workplace need from the gifts/skillset he has given you? How has God equipped you to breathe life into your workplace?

7. Spend some time in listening prayer for yourself and one another. What do you think God wants you to do in response to this message?

8. End your time together by having each person share:

i. What you must do in response to Sunday’s sermon.

ii. Encouraging words for another member of your group – how they have blessed you or others over the past couple of weeks.

iii. One area of struggle in their Christian walk.

iv. One person that they would like to see come to faith/return to God.

Pray for one another in light of these three items and any other concerns your group members might have.