New to TAC

We find that people new to the church have many questions.  We welcome those questions and seek to create an opportunity where they can be answered.  Meetings are held at various times depending on people’s availability and preferences.

Currently we are running a series of introduction classes after our Sunday service at 3:45 pm at Bonar Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Av, in the Music Room. These sessions are geared towards anyone new to our church but all are welcome!

Baptism class

We practice baptism as a significant event for all who wish to follow Christ.  In preparation for this we hold classes that explore what the Bible teaches on the topic.  Water baptisms are held twice a year generally.

Membership class

There is a deep commitment at the core of the church to God, to each other, and God’s purposes for us.  Membership reflects those commitments.  It has both privileges and responsibilities.  Again, we have a series of classes that introduce you to what we are all about at Toronto Alliance Church.  At the end and in order to proceed with membership, there is an interactive interview with elders and our pastor.

Child Dedication class

We do not baptise infants but we dedicate them.  There is strong precedent for this in the Bible.  This is an act of dedication both of the child and the parent(s) where we yield to God’s purposes for the child and commit to God’s purposes in parenting.

Special classes

Periodically we have special classes for people’s enjoyment and growth based on certain Bible texts or themes.  See our church calendar for upcoming classes.


If you have any questions relating to classes at TAC, please contact Pastor Bill Dyck.