Travel Plans are in Place!

Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Prayer Update – May 2018

Toronto Alliance Church

Please Pray for these Important Requests for the Syrian Refugee family…

  1. Praise God – for the approval to come to Canada given to the Alikos, and for the travel date of May 24th when they plan to arrive here in Toronto.
  2. Pray – though they are approved by the Canadian government to come, they have not yet been fully approved by the Lebanese government to leave Lebanon! It is a bit complicated, but they need to clear local police checks to ensure they have nothing on their record in Lebanon.
  3. Pray – for the process of settling their new apartment in Parkdale. Many donations are being collected and will be moved into their new apartment on June 1-2. Pray that this is a smooth process and that the apartment will suit them.
  4. Pray – for the departure from friends in Lebanon, for their transition into life in Toronto, their upcoming adjustments to English, to Canadian culture, to new home, school for their older kids (Jacklin – 12 year old girl, and Jenkiz Khan – 10 year old boy) and for the health of all their kids, including their baby girl (Jana – 8 mos).
  5. Pray – for the REST Team (refugee settlement team) as they work over the coming months to help Adel & Feryal orient their family to their new schools, doctors, health system, language study, development of skills for work, lots of paper work, etc.

Thank you for your willingness to join us as we pray for this family to come to Canada. It is a difficult journey and our prayers do make a difference.  God Bless you as you bring these requests to God in prayer.

Pastor Jim Foster
Toronto Alliance Church Refugee Settlement Team (ReST)

October Update for the Syrian Family

As we look to this Fall season we give thanks to God for the beautiful baby girl God has given to the Syrian family we are sponsoring. Mom and baby are both doing well. This has happened in the context of the father losing his job and losing their home.  This took place due to their unscrupulous employer removing them upon hearing of their refugee application to move to Canada.  So the Alliance church in their city have found them a one-bedroom temporary home, and are providing some basic work for the father to make a small living.  The church members are also supporting them with food and clothing. So there is much to pray about.

  • Thank God for the safe arrival of the new baby.
  • Pray for Mom and baby and their health.
  • Pray for the approval of the Canadian Government regarding their refugee application. It is taking longer than expected.
  • Pray for the spiritual life and growth of each of the 5 members of the family – father, mother and three children.
  • Pray for the TAC Settlement Team as they plan for the eventual arrival of the family upon their approval to come to Canada.
  • Pray regarding the family’s eventual need for suitable housing in Canada.  Once they are approved to immigrate to Canada, the Settlement Team will search for suitable 2-bedroom apartments near our church downtown Toronto.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Please Pray for Patience!

We just received some wonderful news! The Application to sponsor the Syrian family has now been accepted by the Canadian Government (as of Feb 21). Now as the file is sent to Lebanon, and the interviews, background checks, etc. take place, please pray that this process will go smoothly and without delay.

As our Refugee Settlement team works together, there are many tasks on their list which need to be accomplished in a timely manner. Would you please pray for them as they work to prepare for a smooth transition for our refugee family to come and settle in Toronto. We need continued unity and focus for our team. Your prayers are highly valued.

Would you also pray for Christian families who love Jesus, and are willing to rise and help some of the families whom Pastor Jim has been reaching out to. These families, who have already come to Toronto, are in very great need of friendship with Christians. They need people who will embrace them and include them in their community in practical ways. Please pray for these lonely families. We really need the Lord to raise up people who will care for them and help them learn and practice speaking English.

Please also pray for the Syrian refugee family we are sponsoring as they wait for their interviews with the Canadian Government. Please pray for their health and patience with this long process. It must be very difficult to be displaced with no permanent home for such a long time.

Pray for the Syrian couple as they grow in their new found faith in Jesus.

And pray for the Lebanese Alliance families who are caring for them until they are approved to move to Toronto.


Praying for the Re-Settlement of our Refugee Family

How Partnership Works for our Refugee Sponsorship Plans

It is no simple and quick process to sponsor a family. Here are all the people, groups, and churches who have become involved in this plan to sponsor and resettle a Syrian family into Toronto in 2017:

  • The leaders of our church had the vision to help a Syrian family resettle to Toronto from Syria.  They held a workshop on refugee sponsorship, gathered interest among members, and then invited individuals to join as the ReST or Refugee Settlement Team. Then they each took areas of responsibility and began planning for the needs of the resettlement budget, housing, household, transportation, medical, kids schooling, language study, etc.
  • Friends from the Yellowknife Alliance Church, NWT, who have sponsored refugees before, have been raising funds to assist us with the $35,000 yearly budget we have set for the Syrian family’s first 12-month settlement costs.  One leader from there has also been helping by consulting our us in our planning.
  • Another church, Zion Alliance Church, offered to assist with the First Year Settlement Budget and with the resettlement planning. Members of this church family are now planning for the collection of household furnishings, and plan to assist in transportation needs
  • Of great help has been the Refugee Settlement office of the Alliance Justice & Compassion office, a department of the national ministry center of the Alliance denomination. Their advice and guidance on the formal application, on the budget plans, and many other things has been indispensable. They have also committed to providing a small amount of funding for the project.
  • The Jbeil Alliance Church in the town of Jbeil, Lebanon and several key people from that church have assisted us in communication and preparation with the Syrian family we are sponsoring. They have explained the process to them, helped to translate and complete long and detailed applications, and have relayed our love and concern to the family.
  • Finally, our own Toronto Alliance Church members have been helping with the planning as stated, but the whole congregation is completely supportive of this plan to help this Syrian family of four.  Our desire is to give the family a good start at a new life in Canada, and to see them rebuild their family and faith community here in our midst.

PLEASE PRAY as the Syrian family works to support themselves in very limited living conditions, as they grow in their faith in Christ (they are new Christians), and as they wait patiently for the approval of their application to the Canadian government to move and resettle in Toronto.

PLEASE PRAY for unity among the many people, agencies and churches as they work towards seeing this family settled here in Canada.

Pray for the Syrian Family we are Sponsoring!

The application to sponsor a Syrian family from Lebanon was made December 1st, 2016. We are told that the application process is about 2-4 months. Once this application has been processed here in Canada, it is sent to Beirut where it can take as many as eight months for the process! Please pray that it goes much faster than that. 

The Syriaun-urges-jordan-to-let-12000-stranded-syrian-refugees-to-entern family live in a small windowless one-room home currently in Lebanon.  The wife works long hours and life is very stressful for the family. Please pray for them as they wait. Pray for health, strength and patience. This has been a long journey for this family and it is not over yet.

As we look ahead, please pray for the team as they plan and prepare for the arrival of the family.

Pray for them as there are many details that must be attended to.

Pray for all the items that must be gathered and for just the right home for this family. 

We have a long and important journey ahead on this end as the Syrian family has on their end. May God lead us on this important journey. We need His help in so much of the planning. Thank you for taking the time to pray for this important venture.

Settlement Team (ReST) Established

un-urges-jordan-to-let-12000-stranded-syrian-refugees-to-enterOver the past 6 months a plan to sponsor a Syrian refugee family to move to Toronto, Canada has been coming together. Toronto Alliance Church leaders agreed that this would be one way we as a church family could get involved in the humanitarian crisis happening in Syria.  We came to know of the family in Lebanon through the parents of one of our members, who were visiting Toronto last winter. They introduced us to Family A (names not included for privacy reasons) whom they had come to know through their Alliance church in Jbeil, Lebanon who had reached out this family. The family escaped to Lebanon when the war in Syria arrived at their village. They registered as refugees with the UNHCR office in Lebanon and have waited for an opportunity to immigrate to a third country due to the unwillingness of the Lebanese government to give them permanent status.

In August we held an orientation workshop on the topic of Refugee Settlement, and then in early October established the ReST or Refugee Settlement Team to begin meeting and planning for the sponsorship and eventual settlement of  this Syrian family in Toronto, hopefully near our church property at Queen St. & Bathurst St.  The team is in the final stages of completing and submitting the application to the C&MA office, and then the Canadian Government.  Then the ReST will wait until the government approves their sponsorship and the family makes the final steps to move to Toronto.  In the mean time, there is much to plan for before they arrive.

How you can Pray at this time:

  • For the ReST Team as they plan for application submissions, resettlement budget, housing needs, health, etc.
  • For Family A as they live in a one-room apartment, where they sleep, do school work, prepare and eat meals, etc. They are eager to restart their lives in a new and stable place.
  • For all the funds necessary for their resettlement costs to come in.