Meeting with Christ Daily – Psalm 1

This is the first sermon in our “Back to the Basics” Sermon Series.
Pastor Bill speaks from Psalm 1 on the value of establishing daily devotions in our lives in order to abide in Christ. We need to have these daily times with God in order to have fellowship with Him, so that we don’t wither, to have victory over temptation, to grow in godly character, and to be successful in our lives.
Pastor Bill also gives some practical advice for how to set aside time and for what to do during our daily devotions so as to get the most from them.

Christ Our Healer – Part #3 in “Why Jesus Is the Greatest of All”

This is the third part in ‘Why Jesus is the greatest of all’.  Pastor Bill speaks on Christ as our Healer, from Matthew 15:21-31. This is the story of Christ and the Canaanite woman; whom He puts off.  The woman however won’t be put off and presses in all the more to Him and receives the reward of her persistence.  Her daughter is healed.  And then Jesus heals the multitude who bring their sick to Him.  At the end of all that, the people glorified God.  What is remarkable about this is that it occurs in the area of Gentiles.  Christ didn’t do much with the Gentiles but here it’s seen in living colour.  His great compassion for people.

Healing is meant for God’s children, but is given even to those who are outside the fold.

The invitation is to take our emotional and physical wounds to Christ, who is able to heal.

No Impossible Cases – Why Jesus Is The Greatest of All (Part 1) – Acts 4:1-13

Preaching on Jesus as the unique Saviour, Pastor Bill Shares from Acts 4:1-13.
Jesus is the unique Saviour of the world; He is uniquely qualified for that. There is none who is too far gone, none that He cannot reach – no impossible cases.
Pastor Bill also highlights some of the terrible situations that Jesus frees us from and what Jesus frees us for.
The rubber hits the road when listeners are challenged to encounter Jesus personally and engage their will in following Christ in His fullness. Now is the time.

Psalm 91 – 5 Back To School Prayers

Looking at Psalm 91, Pastor Bill points out how it as a springboard for our prayers for our kids as they begin their new school year. (Not a bad idea to pray these throughout the entire year, too!)

God bless you as you listen and as you go about your day!

The Blessing of Oneness Among God’s People – Psalm 133

Pastor Andrew concludes our Summer Sermon Series – Living in the Goodness of God – by expounding upon Psalm 133.
The blessing of God in the harmony of the saints is wonderful – compared to the blessing of the most holy things, and a taste of eternal life itself. The blessing and unity is from God, is abundant for the whole church and is available to the senses.
May God bless His people with unity in Christ; and may He help us to do our part and to fight for unity.

Psalm 57 – Shacks into Cathedrals or How To Be Still Even When Everything Is Going Wrong

Pastor Bill Dyck continues our 2018 summer sermon series, “Living in the Goodness of God” in which we discover what has for us in a selection of David’s psalms.

Here we learn how God leads us to spiritual vitality even in the midst of great danger. Knowing God drastically changes our perspective so that we are able to live lives of worship at all times – even when the king is trying to take your life! May God bless you as you listen.

Do Not Fear, but Trust in God – Psalm 56

Pastor Leslie continues our summer sermon series, walking through some of the psalms of David – Living In The Goodness Of God.
Psalm 56 is a wonderful psalm of trusting God, despite all the reasons to fear. Our antidote to fear is worship and leaning on God’s word.